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How You Can Continue to Make a Difference for Palestine

How You Can Continue to Make a Difference for Palestine

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Yusra Khan

Following the ceasefire declared by Israel in recent weeks, numerous violent attacks on Palestinians, including children, have been recorded, along with the mass arrests of over a thousand for their participation in recent protests opposing the Israeli occupation. And while it’s become apparent that mainstream media cannot be trusted to accurately portray the atrocities committed by the Israeli armed forces, social media users have made it clear that they don’t intend to give up being vocal about the issue any time soon. The circulation of photos, videos, and information has persisted as users are more determined than ever to keep the movement going. So, you might ask, what can you do to be a part of this? Here is a list of ways you can continue to make an impact in an effort to bring about change for the Palestinian people:

1. Participate in Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS)
This movement aims to end international support for Israel’s continued oppression of the Palestinian people and pressure them into complying with international law through the targetted boycotting of companies that produce goods on occupied Palestinian land or in Israel. While you may have seen extensive lists of companies to boycott, it’s essential to understand that targeting companies with direct ties to Israel is what’s most effective. According to, as a result of targetted boycotting, “Many Israeli exporters complain that it is getting harder for them to export their products.” Here are the companies to focus on:
- Airbnb
- HP
- Sabra
- Ben & Jerry’s
- SodaStream
- Pillsbury/General Mills
- Puma
- Caterpillar
- Products specifically Made in Israel

2. Donate
There are several organizations to donate to that are working to provide medical aid as well as rebuild infrastructure in areas affected by the airstrikes.
- PAMA Al-Aqsa Mosque + medical response team fundraiser
- Islamic Relief USA
- United Nations Relief and Works Agency
- Medical Aid for Palestinians
- Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

3. Continue to share information
Social media continues to play a key role in spreading information about what has been going on in Palestine, as it’s an effective way to raise awareness about recent events and put pressure on the Israeli government. Here are some sources to keep up with:

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