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How to Take Small Steps Towards Living Sustainably

How to Take Small Steps Towards Living Sustainably

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Developing sustainable habits is essential in working towards a more environmentally free world. Here are some small changes you can make in your day-to-day life that will improve the state of our planet!

  1. Switch over to reusable bottles and filters. Yes-in some cases, we do not have access to filtered water, but there are filtering tanks available that take in tap water and filter the water on its own. For example, I am currently moving right now, and a new filter has not been attached to the sink. In some cases, people just get a case of water bottles until the problem can be resolved-but to be conscious of the environment, we can instead buy a filter tank. A filter tank is a purchase that can be used in the long run, and we would not partake in plastic intake.

  2. Buy clothes and other necessities from small businesses and markets. Not only would you be supporting a small business, but you are avoiding taking part in the mass waste production of clothes that aren’t made sustainably. The Patriot Act’s “The Ugly Truth of Fast Fashion” episode gives more insight into the hidden reality of how clothes are made.

  3. If you cannot afford to support a small business, another great way to add to your closet is learning basic sewing. Growing up, my mother always made us matching outfits and upcycled her own clothing by taking old fabric with skills she taught herself. This way, you can change up an old piece to better suit your style!

  4. Try to buy things that are made out of recycled waste-whether it is biodegradable or not, reusing plastic and other materials is a great way to prevent wastage.

  5. Be conscious of the companies and businesses you buy from. Do your research on the brands you support on a daily basis. What are they doing to prevent wastage? What materials do they use and are they sustainably sourced? Where does the price point from their products come from- are their workers being paid a living wage? All of these questions are good to reflect on to build a better future.

Sometimes, living sustainably can be hard to picture, but small, day-to-day changes can lead to bigger, healthier habits. Seeing the bigger picture whilst taking small steps and working together to sustain our world can lead to a brighter future!

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