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Members of The Atlanta Muslim Community Respond To The Attack On The Capitol

Members of The Atlanta Muslim Community Respond To The Attack On The Capitol

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The disturbing events that took place on January 6th, 2021 triggered quite the response from the nation. The way the attack on the Capitol unfolded and the response, or lack thereof, from law enforcement yet again highlighted some of the most pressing issues currently faced by our society. The Atlanta Muslim team wanted to know what members of our community thought about the incident - why it happened and how it made them feel. Here are their responses:

Fabiha (18): “​I think the storming of the capital happened because we have reached a point in American politics where the face of the republican party has a distinct face. He is the embodiment of their ideals, so when this man is threatened to be removed from power, people feel it as an attack on their ideals. They were influenced by none other than the man himself: Donald Trump. I was appalled by the storming of the Capitol because it not only expressed the lengths to which these were willing to go, but gave a distinct idea of what they thought the "left" (their perception of the BLM movement) was doing and justified their actions through that.”

Aahna (20): “I think the storming of the capital occurred because in the past four years, racist and bigoted people have been given a platform unlike any in history. They can wear their racism proudly without having to face repercussions, they know the people in power are on their side.”

Faiza (19): “I think Donald Trump has enabled and encouraged a society where privileged, racist people can do whatever they please, whereas people of color and marginalized communities are fighting for their right to live normally.”

Faria (19): “The despicable attack on Capitol Hill were definitely influenced by the president himself because he rallied his supporters together and encouraged them to “take their country back”. He fueled the fire of violence by claiming election fraud and spreading misinformation and fear for the last 4 years and especially within the past 2 months. It is disheartening to see the clear difference on how this situation was treated versus the peaceful BLM protests that took place over the summer as well as the blatant denial and lack of accountability by the president and his cabinet. “

Eeman (18): “Obviously the attack on the US Capitol was a big hit to both the US government but also everyone’s hope that 2021 and transfer of power would be relatively smooth. The thing that hurt the most though was comparing responses to BLM protests to actual domestic terrorism and how white ppl seem to get away with everything.”

Fara Habib: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on the news was reality and not a scene from a movie. This shameful attack on the central institution of our democracy and the leaders at the highest level of our government was nothing short of domestic terrorism. I never could have imagined to see the seat of American leadership infiltrated so easily. This display of white power, because honestly no other race would have even been allowed close to the Capitol steps in those numbers, highlights how American values of equality and justice have corroded during the Trump presidency. I pray that this terrorist act will be a wake-up call for those in leadership to realize the America we have known is fragmenting and something needs to be done to bring about positive change and unite the people.”

Leena: “Lady Liberty is hanging her head in shame. The United States was assaulted in its most hallowed premises - The Capitol, by none other than its very own President! It makes you wonder how and why it happened and could it have been avoided?...We have known all along that [Donald Trump] is the most vicious, evil, manipulative, and vindictive person. Combine those qualities with the immense power of the office of the presidency, it results in a dangerous ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

And explode it did! Summoning his equally dangerous and evil supporters, our house, the Capitol, was attacked and vandalized on January 06, 2021. It’s a day that will forever be grieved by patriotic, law-abiding American citizens. It will forever live in infamy. And what will be remembered is the lack of prompt response by law enforcement. It’s almost like they were in cohorts with the insurgents, allowing them to enter the premises,letting them desecrate it, and then letting them out. No attacker was assaulted or threatened. Why? What if the attackers were Black? Or Muslim? Or Hispanic? Yes, we all know how that would have been handled.

Could this have been prevented? Yes! By dedicated and concerned Republicans who could and should have checked this demon of a President and stopped him way way back. Our governing system is designed to prevent any one person assuming and accumulating all the power. But, this was not done and basically the Republicans handed over their souls along with all their controls to the demagogue. What a terrible tragedy of the once exalted United States. Brought down and torn apart by its own leaders. Lady Liberty is not just hanging her head in shame, she is also crying!”

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