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COVID-19 Vaccines: The Latest

COVID-19 Vaccines: The Latest

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Each week brings new news regarding the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, here’s the latest:

Sanofi, a French, multinational pharmaceutical company has been working on two potential vaccines to prevent COVID-19. One, currently undergoing clinical trials, is being developed with a British firm called GlaxoSmithKline, while the other is being developed through a partnership with Translate Bio in Massachusetts and will be tested on humans in November.

As various companies scramble to develop vaccines, the concern for the integrity and safety of the testing process has grown. The CEO of Sanofi, however, insists that they are not taking any shortcuts in their development process, stating in an interview with Jim Cramer, “We have been making vaccines for over 100 years. We haven’t changed anything in the way we do things, we’ve just accelerated”.

The spread of the virus, which has infected 32 million people worldwide, has pushed governments to assist in expediting the vaccine-development process, and while concern remains regarding safety, others worry about the possible impact of political factors on the approval process. The head of the FDA, in response to these concerns, has said that he has “no intention” to overrule scientists. And although Sanofi’s timeline for the vaccine’s development currently falls slightly behind that of other drugmakers, its CEO remains confident in their long-time trusted process.

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