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Ramadan Ends, but the Need Does Not: Continuing Service After Ramadan

Ramadan Ends, but the Need Does Not: Continuing Service After Ramadan

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Many of you have watched live feeds or seen pictures and are aware of organizations, like ICNA Relief, Glitter of Hope, Syrian Community Network, Noor Family Services, Project Hope, and Helping the Community, serving the community throughout the month of Ramadan.

Most of us who serve are not satisfied because we know that the distributed meals only helped the families for a day or so. Or those grocery boxes were good for a week or two. We don't feel satisfied because we know that there are still thousands of families in need, especially our brothers and sisters who come from countries where they were oppressed and often victims of violence.

Yes, we can tell ourselves that we are doing the best that we can, but the truth is that we can do much more. Let's take all of our motivation and energy and momentum from Ramadan and pivot to new projects. Let's go to our friends, family, and community members who were not able to serve and tell them what we saw and relay to them the needs of these communities. Let's encourage them to get involved.

Our brothers and sisters, especially in the refugee community in Clarkston, need us year-round. Their children need laptops, school supplies, and tutoring. The adults need English language skills and work skills. The families need groceries and meat. They need medical attention and medications.

If you are ready to continue serving for the remainder of the year, please reach out to any of the organizations listed above. They are all heavily involved in service.

And please feel free to comment below with any other organizations where we can help.

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