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Atlanta Muslims Steppin’ It Up During Covid-19 Crisis

Atlanta Muslims Steppin’ It Up During Covid-19 Crisis

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ICNA Relief and Helping the Community Partner to Feed the Needy and Those on the Frontlines.

One of the bright spots on my Facebook feed lately has been ICNA Relief Georgia Director Shamikh Sahadat’s live videos. If you’ve watched any of these videos, you know he has been very busy feeding those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic while empowering other organizations and active community members to serve.

Helping the Community, a Gwinnett-based organization run by Shumyla Khan, partnered with ICNA Relief in March with an innovative idea based on the question-how do we feed people affected by the COVID-19 crisis while financially supporting our small, local restaurants that have had no choice but to shut their usually busy dining rooms?

Their solution is simple, yet it has provided for more than 5000 people thus far. The community funds local restaurants to prepare the meals, and HtC, ICNA Relief, and other volunteers deliver those meals to various groups throughout the week with minimum contact. They have served these meals at various masajid in low-income areas, hospitals, clinics, labs, nursing homes, homeless shelters, fire departments, and police departments.

Essentially what HtC and ICNA Relief do is create a channel for those who want to help with those who have the facilities to help.

This is an ongoing effort, so if you want to donate, please go to if you cannot donate, please visit the page to see photos of this work in action.

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