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Love in the time of COVID

Love in the time of COVID

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Talk about plans changing in front of our eyes. Things that I and my soon to be husband talked about for months- gone, in the seed of faith. I envisioned my last Ramadan in Atlanta, convincing my mom to eat in a tent at Madina Institute, while I serve the old and the young. Greeting the community with smiles and the blessings of Ramadan. Sitting on the sidewalk hashing it out with katayif, Anjara, and some Somali tea. Rushing to the first lines of prayer before someone claimed my spot. People of all colors filled the lines with one purpose in mind, to worship and get closer to their creator. Aunties praying that I can one day fine my Prince Charming. Little did we know, a few months later, there he was, my Prince Charming. 

This Ramdan is different and I couldn't be more blessed to spend it with such a lovely spirit- the amazing and magical soul that is my husband. May Allah bless him, protect him, purify his heart, allow us to reach the almighty together and give us the patience to overcome the things we can't control. 

We both planned for the ideal Palestinian wedding, with up to 300 family members cheering us on, anxiously waiting to enjoy the moment we've all been planning for. We wanted to celebrate with the people that saw us at our best and worst times, witnesses our lows and highs, siblings that helped overcome the hardest and darkest catastrophes. Couture dresses coming from the East and the West. Days of contemplated themes, colors, flowers, vases, the stage, the entrance, and the final reveal was all coming together. But who knew that Allah permitted the life-changing, hidden destiny of COVID19. 

A plan that took months to complete suddenly collapsed in a conversation over coffee. As they sipped on their morning cup of Joe, my parents (May Allah bless them, forgive them and protect them) looked us in the eye and said, "we have an idea for you both. With everything going on, let's make a small gathering and call it a wedding until things get better and Allah knows best if they do." Allah made us question our while entire life and future plans. 

Before I lost my mind thinking I was losing a dream come true, I had to reevaluate my intentions and disconnect from Dunya for a second and turn to Allah. I thought to myself and cried and said, "Maliha, this is your choice and your test from above, if you think for a second Allah hates you, you'd be giving power to shaytan. Isn't He the one that protected you in the womb? Maliha, Allah loves you and this is your opportunity to do good and to put all your spirituality into practice and bring it to life." 

I was forced to question and face the truth of my inner-worldly desires and goals. I sat with myself and Allah and asked: What was it you really wanted from this relationship? Was the theme and the color of the party, going to color your relationship with the coloring of Allah? Were you setting the stage for your life after this wedding? 

We finally gathered up our strength, focused our intention, and chose Allah's plan. I was so proud that we found true beauty in Allah's will. I know the true colors of His mercy will shine and bless our marriage and our union InshaAllah. People make money but money never makes a man. Unveiled from the illusion, we both embraced the blessing from above and took it as an opportunity to submit to the best of planners. And guess what? We nailed it. Alhamdulilah. 

Ramadan Mubarak 2020! 

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