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Taking A Stand Against Racism - Steps to Take

Taking A Stand Against Racism - Steps to Take

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In response to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, I’ve compiled a list of ways you can take action and linked important resources. Every link dropped below will have a subtitle explaining what is in each masterlist.

[The official website for the BLM movement is]

1. Donate.
With systematic oppression comes a lot of low-income families that need help, not everyone is given the same education and work opportunities. There are also various bail funds and medical bills for victims of police brutality as a result of the peaceful protests going on. Donation links (more in masterlist)

2. Sign petitions
A lot of cases can get justice just by mass demand, there are countless petitions to raise awareness to specific tragedies as well as calling to take government action and changing the current laws set in place.
Petition links (more in masterlist)

3. Educate yourself! (and the people in your lives)
Learn about Black History. A lot of things are omitted and completely erased from history books and what we’re taught, but learning their true history is a form of respect and also helps you understand how and why things are the way they are. This link will take you to masterlists in different languages. It is important to not only teach yourself, but those around you!

Linked is a Google Drive full of Black History, with folders of famous Black people who’ve made their mark in history to Black Feminism, Curriculum and various ways they’ve made an impact in our society. The Google Docs linked is also another informative Black History Library with podcasts, documentaries, and texts. There are also countless movies, tv shows, art and music that discuss Black culture.
Black History Library Google Drive
Black History Library Google Doc

4. Be there for your Black peers.
Systematic racism, being oppressed, and dealing with the weight of racism and racial profiling is something unimaginable and is a form of trauma. Support your friends, coworkers, and the community as a whole. Be sympathetic. Use your voice and platform for the bigger cause, getting justice. I hope everything I’ve listed out helps; take care and stay safe everyone--and remember your voice MATTERS. With these constant battles, people can find themselves struggling mentally, here are threads on Black Mental Health foundations, please refer people to these lists.
Black Mental Health Matters
Black Mental Health Matters 2

A masterlist is a large list of infographics from fundraisers, petitions, and overall all the information you need to take action. This link will take you to (masterlists in different languages). Having masterlists can help you educate your family, friends, relatives--anyone!
BLM Masterlist Doc

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