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Staying Motivated: Simple Tips & Tricks

Staying Motivated: Simple Tips & Tricks

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Many say that making New Year’s Resolutions has no purpose, because as time goes on, people start to lose motivation and give up on their goals. Now that February is approaching, here are some ways to stay motivated and on track with your goals!

Whether it’s maintaining a workout routine, a diet, or improving in school, the goals you make will improve areas of your lifestyle and ensure a healthier and happier 2020.

1. Make sure your goals are plausible. Many people make unreachable goals that they can’t maintain and begin to get unmotivated quickly. For example, if you are interested in working out, don’t start with a rigorous, 5-day routine. This will quickly burn you out! Instead, start with smaller goals, try to go a few days a week and start with a more toned down routine. As the months go on your goals will fluctuate with your improvement.

2. If you notice your goals aren’t working out, it’s okay to change them according to your ability. Giving up on them will lead to another year with little change, but taking it step by step by what ​you ​can handle is okay.

3. Remember that everyone is different, just because someone else may seem ahead or behind you in life, does not mean they are. When improving yourself, there’s no room for comparing because we’re all on the same path to wellness at different paces.

4. Reached any of your goals already? Look at places in your life where you can improve and start new ones! As humans we’re constantly innovating and improving as people, reflecting on aspects in our life we can improve will ensure a consistent, healthier lifestyle.

5. Do what makes you happy! You dictate your life by your measures and ability, don’t feel pressured to do more or less, you decide your own pace. Good luck with all your goals this new decade!

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