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5 Engaging Things to Do in Quarantine

5 Engaging Things to Do in Quarantine

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1. Pick up another language!
Learning a language simply takes daily practice. With a little persistence, you can become conversational and even fluent in another language. Duolingo and Rosetta Stone are two sources you can use.

2. Learn an instrument.
Have an instrument dusting up at home? Pick it up and play! Playing an instrument is an instant stress reliever and can help you take some time for yourself during this time.

Fender Guitars is giving 3 months of lessons for FREE! The site has various options to choose from, including acoustic and electric guitar as well as Ukulele. From a plentiful of video lessons and loads of music sheets ranging from easy to difficult, you can become a musical genius.

3. Cook or bake!
There are countless recipes online, find one that suits your taste and start mixing! It would be nice to make something new and different from your usual “go-to”.

4. ART!
From Bob Ross painting sessions to upcycling your old clothes, there’s always something new to advance your creativity. Take out old clothes you’ve been meaning to throw away and turn them into something new and more your style; you can take your denim and embroider your favorite quote or paint nice scenery on it. You can also learn how to sew or knit using an embroidery hoop or knitting loom. There are countless ways you can be creative with what you have.

5. Spend quality time with your loved ones
At a time where everyone is stuck home, make the most of it with your family! Play board games, cards, watch movies, cook, learn things together, etc.

Most importantly, stay home if you can! Take this time to learn things if you will, but this is also an opportunity to wind down and relax. Do some meditation, self-reflection or simply anything you want to do. Having a self-care moment at such an unusual and uncertain time like this one won’t hurt.

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