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Multicultural Festival, NSpire Youth Group, Madina Institute

Multicultural Festival, NSpire Youth Group, Madina Institute

Author Wajihah, NSpire Youth Group by

The “Multicultural Eid Fair” On September 7th was a family event, held and organized by the NSpire Youth Group Of Madina Institute.

Our goal for the event was to showcase and highlight some of the cultures present in our community. In this day in age, it is important to recognize those within our community and acknowledge them, strengthening the sister/brotherhood and the community as a whole.

With this being our second event ever, we had been planning since late June for this event with the NSpire Youth Group, our mentors and Sister Rosemin. Alhamdulilah, we are very blessed to see that over 150 community members came to our event and showed support in addition to 3 MSAs of Gwinnett County coming to volunteer, despite having to reschedule.

Due to the rescheduling, we had received many step backs. However, the team stepped up to the challenge and was able to pull of a successful event. we have learned many valuable lessons from this event which we plan to use for other youth focused events in the future.

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