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Surviving Senior Year 101

Surviving Senior Year 101

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CONGRATULATIONS to all the students who have made it to their senior year of high school. You have finally made it to the end, all of the hard work you are doing is helping you to get you into your dream college Inshallah. And before you know it, you’ll be headed off to college.

Everyone knows that senior year is the most exciting year of all! Seniors rule the school, of course, you’re finally an adult and get the freedom to drive a car! Along with that, you can also take yourself and your friends out for lunch during lunchtime. Don’t forget that you get to dress up and take nice senior pictures for the yearbook. And the best part of all, the end of the year celebrations at school, graduation, and of course graduation parties!

However, senior year can be the most stressful of all; from applying to colleges, trying to get scholarships/financial aid, deciding what college you want to go to, and of course, having to keep up with classes at school. It is easy to get overwhelmed and drained from having to keep up with everything. But fear not, here are a few basic tips to share with all the upperclassmen on how to get through the final year of school.

1.) Prioritize! Get a planner, assignment notebook, and a calendar.
And put together a list of things you need to get done along with the date of when it’s due. With college/scholarship application due dates to tests and homework, it's easy to get confused. So keep yourself organized by doing this.

2.) Create a schedule.
With so much going on it’s hard to figure out what to do when. Creating a schedule will help you figure out what needs to get done first and how long you need to work on your activities.

3.) Relax!
It’s easy to get stressed out, don’t forget to take care of yourself first. Take some time out and do some exercise, watch a funny YouTube video, or even lie down on your bed. Being relaxed helps you to perform better.

4.) Dua!
Don’t forget to always ask Allah SWT for help when it comes to school. Whether it’s deciding on a college, or getting good grades. Always make dua for He is always there! Wishing all seniors and high school students a safe and wonderful school year!

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