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Launch of "The Book of Love" - an Interfaith Event

Launch of "The Book of Love" - an Interfaith Event

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            On October 6th, Shaykh Dr. Muhammad bin Yahya al-Ninowy’s latest book, “The Book of Love" was debuted at the prestigious Carter Center as part of the “Book of Love” book tour which began earlier this year in the United Kingdom through an initiative by The Madina Institute of Non-Violence and Peace Studies. It was an evening dedicated to love, interfaith, harmony and spirituality. The significance of the event was evident by the diversity of faiths and culture amongst the guests that attended the event, emphasizing that love is a universal language understood by all. Some notable guests included, Brenda Lopez Romero (GA Representative from 99th District), Rey Martinez (Mayor of Loganville), Kirkland Carden (Duluth City Councilman), Subhash Razdan (Chairman of Gandhi Foundation), John Naugle (President of Atlanta: City of Peace), Reverend Dr. Gerald Durley (Pastor Emeritus of Providence Missionary Baptist Church), Imam Plemon El-Amin (Imam Emeritus of Masjid al-Islam), Soumaya Khalifa (Executive Director of Islamic Speakers Bureau-Atlanta), Joy Pope (Director of AJC Decatur Book Festival), Dr. Kenneth Honerkamp (Professor of Religion at UGA) and Professor Waqas Khwaja (Professor of English Literature at Agnes Scott).

            The evening began at 5.00 pm with a standing reception buffet and a meet and greet where the guests got a chance to mingle with old friends and make new acquaintances. The main event started at 6.00pm with a welcome by Dr. Nabile Safdar and a short address by Soumaya Khalifa where she reflected upon “The Book of Love” from an interfaith perspective. It was followed by a beautiful performance by Al-Firdous Ensemble, an ensemble from Granada, Spain. The Andalusian nasheed filled the hall and the hearts of the guests with emotions and love, adding a beautiful touch to the evening. The keynote address was by Dr. al-Ninowy, who read excerpts from “The Book of Love” and highlighted the importance of love in both, religion and humanity. Dr. Kenneth Honerkamp also shared his thoughts on Sufism, and the importance of love and spirituality.

            The event was greatly appreciated by all who attended. Subhash Razdan stated, “Congratulations to the organizers, especially the author, Shaykh Dr. Muhammad al-Ninowy for a well-organized event and for the release of his book by the prestigious Carter Center. Timely release, coinciding with the 150th both anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Need of the hour!” Benjamin Kweskin stated, “An illuminating and extraordinary event. It was a blessing to be part of such an event.” Professor Waqas Khawaja of Agnes Scott stated, “It was indeed a very special evening of thought-provoking reflections. Such a memorable event leaves an indelible imprint on the audience’s mind and heart, and, in fact draws them to become active participants in the elevating experience.” Reverend Dr. Gerald Durley stated, “I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned so much this evening. I am a firm believer that only love, can cure the sickness and diseases of hate, ignorance and fear. That can only occur when we seek common mutual bonds of understanding across the superficial barriers which divide us”

The event ended with a book signing by Dr. Ninowy, giving the audience a chance to speak with the renowned author and express their appreciation for both, the book and event.

The Book of Love is now available for purchase on Amazon:  


Some info about The Book of Love:
“The Book of Love” is a window into the journey of the wise throughout our human history, such as Adam, Abel, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. Though The Book of Love is a book of personal reflections, each line of its aphorisms is an opener to a more intimate, inner conversation. Narrated beautifully, it will touch all hearts, irrespective of faith, culture, age or gender. Welcome to the world of Love.

Some info about the author:
Shaykh Dr. Muhammad bin Yahya Al-Ninowy is a Syrian-American scholar and author based in Atlanta, Georgia, whose lineage is traced back to the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). He holds a PhD in Islamic Studies, and a Doctor of Medicine degree. He is the founding Director of Madina Institute and Seminaries, The Madina Institute Center for Non-violence and Peace Studies, and the charitable organization Planet Mercy, globally

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