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Muslim Media Outbreak

Muslim Media Outbreak

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Technology advancements have created an online realm of influencers where news and different discussions are sparked online, and the weight of media changes the public’s perception of different topics. The perception of Islam has never been positive, but today’s Muslim influencers are changing that one step at a time.

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib made history last year, becoming the first Muslim women to be sworn into the American congress. Both are active leaders for Muslim rights, Black activism, and much more-shedding light onto issues that haven't been spoken about enough. Hundreds of people in the Muslim community who had helped with campaigns proudly witnessed a historical event-The Washington Post states, “a crowd of supporters, the majority of them women, many of them in hijabs, [celebrated] the swearing-in of a Muslim woman as a member of Congress.”

Hasan Minhaj, listed as one of TIME’s list of 2019’s most influential people, started an outbreak in Muslim Media. Hasan is a stand-up comedian who speaks about current issues and politics-increasing people’s knowledge on trivial topics. From being a host for the White House Correspondent Dinner, having a segment on the Daily Show, and even his own Netflix show-The Patriot Act-he is a face the media takes a liking to. The first-generation Indian-American Muslim has a voice that permits young Muslims to use theirs as well.

“A digital magazine dedicated to celebrating nonconformity, sharing knowledge and reclaiming our voices.”

Mizaan Magazine, a new platform to give Muslim women a voice and speak about different topics ranging from exterior and interior modesty to mental health. The page is professional, bold, and insightful. Western feminism often comes with exclusion- people aren't always aware of different customs and issues people from different backgrounds face. Mizaan’s mission is to take away that ignorance. Mizaan translates to balance in English, thus Issue 1 is an introduction to the platform and goes over the importance of balance.

Young Muslimahs will benefit from this platform in various ways. Gaining knowledge on Islam, struggles within the Muslim community, and learning about different cultures and traditions. The page is giving the Muslim community a voice it needs.

Today’s Muslim leaders speaking about different narratives allows a pathway for young Muslims. Getting jobs, going to school, and communicating with people will become smoother transitions for Muslims because of Muslim figures using their voice to promote change.

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