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4 Ways to Be A Part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

4 Ways to Be A Part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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October 1st notes the beginning of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. During this time, many organizations will participate in activities to shed light on the campaigns purpose. Activity’s sole purpose should be to raise awareness around the cruel and debilitating circumstances surrounding domestic violence and danger faced by so many victims and their children daily. Domestic Violence Awareness Month is a campaign used to spread awareness surrounding the issues and resources available for those who have been victims. Even if you are not a part of an organization, here are 4 ways to get involved!

1.    Participate in Purple Thursday on October 22nd!

On Purple Thursday, advocates, survivors and supporters will all wear purple to stand in solidarity with survivors. This act will serve as a way to bring awareness to your community! Take this opportunity to educate someone who may not be aware of the campaign, and you may also pass resources along to them. An excellent resource for individuals in the Metro Atlanta area is

2.    Donate to a local domestic violence shelter.

Domestic Violence shelters or centers are always happy to have donors! Make sure to check out the types of donations shelters or centers in your area accept. This is an excellent way to give back. Noor Family Services accepts donations at You may also visit to find shelters and centers near you!

3.    Post the National Domestic Violence Hotline on social media (1-800-799-7233)

Posting on social media is one way to spread awareness. You never know who may be following or looking for support! If you do not feel comfortable answering questions, this is a direct line for inquires and assistance. NFS’s page can be found at


The great part is, you do not have to wait for October. Organizations look for volunteers year-round! Any amount of time is greatly appreciated. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your local organizations to see what type of opportunities they have available. Noor Family Services volunteer inquiries can be made at

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