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Everything You Need to Know About the Hong Kong Protests

Everything You Need to Know About the Hong Kong Protests

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Following a month of noticeably peaceful protests, the unrest caused by the passing of a bill that would allow extradition to China has led to the protests turning destructive. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens gathered to march against the bill, leading it to be suspended for a time, but not withdrawn. Amongst these protests were a few that clashed with police forces, leading to the usage of rubber bullets and tear gas. As a result, some protestors were incensed further and targetted police headquarters.

Last Monday, a divide became apparent amongst protesters as a group of pro-democratic marchers passed Hong Kong’s legislature, and a breakaway group of mainly young protestors broke into the government’s headquarters, smashing windows and forcefully making their way passed metal shutters.

As protesters trashed the legislative chamber, they made sure that their message had been conveyed: that China’s government return the power to its people and show them that they are heard. While many people were able to make an escape from the scene, some were carried out by fellow protestors who disagreed with the break into the building.

While many have condemned the act, others have found fault in the police, claiming that they failed in protecting the building, allowing protesters to break in and trash the area so that photos could be taken of the scene and then used against the movement.

Now, the government’s forensic team has taken to tracking down protestors through fingerprints left at the scene. Police have said that they’ve made 13 arrests in relation to the event, and 12 others as a result of a different protest in the area.

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