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Livening Up Your Life with Houseplants

Livening Up Your Life with Houseplants

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Having houseplants in your home is a great way to improve the appearance of your house. While they may seem like a chore to have with the constant reminder to maintain the plants and ensure that they have a proper pot as well as enough sunlight and water, they do provide an aesthetic look to your home and make your home appear more inviting. Besides having an appealing look to them, houseplants are also known to have a number of benefits that can improve your health and the environment of your house. These benefits include:

1. Keeping the air fresh and removing any toxins.
Having plants in your home will allow the plants to take in the carbon dioxide from the air and produce more oxygen. In doing so, they are able to keep the air fresh and flowing wherever they are. They also absorb toxins from the air, keeping the air clean and healthy. According to treehugger’s “5 health benefits of houseplants”, while doing some research on air quality, NASA discovered that plants were able to remove “trace levels of toxic vapors from inside tightly sealed buildings.” Not only will plants keep the air fresh by absorbing carbon dioxide, but they will also remove any harmful toxins in the air, keeping the air clean and healthy in your home.

2. Maintaining a stress-free environment.
Studies have shown that keeping plants will reduce the levels of stress in your body. Forbes’ “Think You Don’t Need Houseplants? Science Says Different” states how the soil of plants contain natural antidepressants that will help improve your mood and reduce your levels of stress. If you are constantly in a stressful environment whether it be with school, work, or any other extracurricular activities, putting plants in your home can help regulate your mood and decrease your stress levels.

3. Increasing productivity.
In addition to reducing the levels of stress, houseplants are capable of raising levels of productivity in an environment. “5 Health Benefits of Houseplants” states how the University of Michigan’s study revealed that plants “can increase memory retention up to 20 percent.” Houseplants will improve your concentration skills and memory retention, allowing you to stay focused on the tasks you have at hand and therefore, increase productivity.

4. Regulating humidity.
Houseplants are said to increase levels of humidity in the air which is good for the dry winter air that is soon to come. Besides improving dry skin, increasing the humidity levels will also prevent one from catching a cold or the flu as the increased humidity levels decrease the “survival and transmission of the flu virus”, the article discusses. Keeping houseplants that regulate the humidity levels in your house will help you live a sickness-free winter.

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