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Doctor for a Day: Students Find Out What it Takes to Pursue Medical School

Doctor for a Day: Students Find Out What it Takes to Pursue Medical School

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As a high schooler who’s pretty set on finding an occupation in the field of Healthcare, but still unsure of what to pursue specifically (and honestly still a bit intimidated by the idea of going down the path of med school), attending the Doctor for a Day event that took place on 7th, was an opportunity to gain some clarity when it came to the process and actual experience of medical school, and I am happy to say that I feel as though I have gained a better understanding and perspective of the overall experience, as the event aimed to do for high school and college students.

Hosted by Ubeyond, GSU Center for Community Engagement and Georgia State University Center for the Advancement of Students and Alumni, at the Georgia State University Indian Creek Lodge, the Doctor for a Day event took place over four hours, and was filled with activities, question and answer sessions, and opportunities to meet and connect with doctors and medical students from all the medical schools of Georgia, including Emory, Morehouse, Mercer, PCOM and MCG.

The program gave students both local colleges and metro high schools the rundown of what it takes to pursue a career in the healthcare field, emphasizing the necessity of the “3P’s” - passion, persistence, perspective- in addition to the importance of maintaining balance, as difficult as it may seem, throughout your academic career, through family time and extracurriculars that help you explore other areas of interest, specifically ones you could see yourself pursuing in regards to potential careers, rather than focusing solely a plan you may have laid out for yourself in the healthcare field.

The Medical Panel gave the students an opportunity to hear the unique and inspiring stories of many with varying experience in the field, as they were encouraged to ask questions regarding steps they’ve yet to take in their journey, or on any tips on overcoming any potential obstacles in their future.

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