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CALL FOR ACTION: #StandWithIlhan

CALL FOR ACTION: #StandWithIlhan

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News broke recently that Representative Lucy McBath, representing the tightly contested 6th District of Georgia, rejected a generous donation from Ilhan Omar to her campaign. Please call Representative McBath’s office at (470) 773-6330 and voice your displeasure in her gesture and let her know that having the support of the Muslim community is going to be critical to get her reelected in a tightly contested district. We don’t appreciate her trying to distance herself from Representative Ilhan Omar when she should be coming to her fellow Democrat’s defense.

You are welcome to use the following points when calling her office:
As Muslims, we expect our representatives to fight for our interests and stand up against blatant Islamaphobia and xenophobia such as the attacks against Representative Ilhan Omar, not buckle under the pressure of manufactured media outrage, and play politics on an issue that demands leadership. We are disappointed that Representative McBath returned Ilhan Omar’s donation showcasing her lack of support. We hope that Representative McBath will stand up for the Muslim community and speak out against the blatant smear campaign that is ongoing against Ilhan Omar.

Being politically engaged is extremely important to advance the interests of the Muslim community at large. If they are not hearing our voices, then be certain that they are not advocating for us. It is up to us to make sure that they fight for our interests. It starts by holding our local leaders accountable while they are in office and when it is time to vote. It’s easy for us to support #IStandWithIlhan on social media, but right now we have a real opportunity to truly stand with her.

May Allah SWT give us all the ability to serve His cause and be agents of change in our communities. Ameen.



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