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Everything You Need to Know About the First Annual Professional Muslim Conference

Everything You Need to Know About the First Annual Professional Muslim Conference

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As Muslims living in a hectic society where each day brings more responsibilities and more packed schedules, it can be difficult to maintain a balance between work life and religion. It can be arduous to maintain such a balance while also trying to further one’s career. At the First Annual Professional Muslim Conference, organized on March 31st by the Georgia Tech MSA in partnership with the Roswell Community Masjid and Masjid Al-Farooq, speakers at the conference were able to explore how to maintain a balance between work life and religion.

The conference took place at the Bill Moore Student Success Center and hosted many speakers and leaders, including Imam Abdullah Jaber, Dr. Rabeea Janjua, Tahir Jiwan, and many more, who were able to explore different topics and discussion as well as advise many young Muslims as they took the next step in their lives.

The conference aimed to spark discussions on the balance between religion and work life, representation of Muslims in the workplace, and challenging ethical issues faced in one’s careers, many of which the panels, The Power of Why: Igniting the Flame within Our Careers, The Formula to Spiritual and Professional Balance, The Secret Life of a Professional Muslimah, and many more, covered. As Faisal Ansari, SVP at Trustmarq said “Strive for the common goal of winning Jannah, and design your life around it.” The goal of the conference was to help Muslims build a life where they are able to balance different aspects of their hectic life as easy as possible while also incorporating a sense of spirituality.

Many of the speakers who attended the conference appreciated the organization as well as the dedication of many of the participants who were willing to discuss and learn alongside the leaders as they spoke. "I was impressed by the astuteness. And I commend the organizers for recognizing the value of ARISE to help Professionals engage with their cohorts in a more fulfilling and constructive manner" said Amin Tomeh, PE, PMP, D.GE. a Board Member at Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta.

The conference was able to help Muslim youths navigate their way through their life, balancing their religion, career goals, financial issues, and much more. The conference was also able to provide Muslims with the opportunity to speak with business leaders and become aware of and involved in different projects through a networking fair.

By providing the Muslim community with a variety of opportunities to grow, and many speakers and leaders to learn from, the First Annual Professional Muslim Conference was able to foster a learning environment for the Muslim community in which they could ask questions, discuss topics on their minds, and create a network of people who they could consult for help and advice. As Bassem Fakhoury, Co-founder of CB Investments LLC says “Based on what I saw, I feel that the future of the Muslim community in GA will be in good hands.”

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