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'Boys Will Be Boys' & The Damage That Comes With This Expression

'Boys Will Be Boys' & The Damage That Comes With This Expression

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As news about Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Senate spreads wide, his sexual misconduct against the women that have testified is brought into the light. Many people were upset over the fact that, despite having these allegations against him, Kavanaugh was still confirmed to be appointed as a senator. Many people were upset at how easily the Senate dismissed these allegations when it should have been apparent that someone with such charges should not hold a position of power. Many people raised the question: Why was society so willing to forget the allegations against Kavanaugh and appoint him to a position of power? Such a question can be traced back to how society has been dismissing men’s violent and aggressive for far too long.

Often times, people will use the phrase “boys will be boys” to excuse the otherwise inexcusable behavior of men and simply disregard their actions as something that is simply in their nature and unavoidable. Such a phrase has caused more harm than one can imagine. The phrase, “boys will be boys,” has enabled too many men to believe that they have free will to do as they please despite others’ protests. It has led them to believe that whatever damage they cause, society will continue to coddle them and take their side. As a society, it is our responsibility to the see the fault in such thinking. By enabling men to continue to this way, their tendencies to continue to push until they get their way or do whatever they please will only increase and result in harming others.

It is important to teach young boys as early as possible that they are responsible for their actions as well as the consequences that come with them. Instead of dismissing their violent and often aggressive behavior, society should be educating young children on how to listen and stop when someone says “no”, and that not everything is meant to go their way. Just as changes need to be made in how society thinks, men themselves are responsible for learning that not everything is “just in their nature” and that they should be held accountable for whatever damage they cause. Men, themselves, should unlearn the toxic way of thinking that society has pushed on us for so long and understand how unjust and cruel it is that people like Kavanaugh have the ability to dismiss the allegations presented against him and still hold a position of power.

While news of Kavanaugh being appointed as a judge may be disheartening, it is essential, as a society, to understand just how we have enabled men like Kavanaugh to be able to shrug off these accusations and believe that he deserves a position of power. We should allow ourselves to unlearn these harmful ideas and educate others on how we can do better.

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