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The ABCs of Keeping Your Babies Safe

The ABCs of Keeping Your Babies Safe

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As parents or siblings of children, we are always careful when putting a baby to sleep and ensuring they are comfortable. However, what some people may not be aware of is that the position a baby is sleeping in is very crucial to pay attention to. You want to take caution and make sure you do not lay a baby on its stomach when they are sleeping as many babies, unfortunately, have suffered from accidental deaths, also known as Sudden Unexpected Death in Infants. Sudden Unexpected Death in Infants is when a baby passes away in their sleep due to unsafe sleeping factors. Here is a helpful acronym to keep in mind to keep your children safe:

1. Alone -
It is always safest for the baby to be sleeping alone rather than with an adult, a pet, siblings, toys, etc… Not putting your baby to sleep alone can increase the risk of suffocation or entanglement with objects or people.

2. Back -
It can be dangerous to place your baby on your stomach to sleep due to their inability to lift or move their neck in early stages of development. Laying babies on their stomach to sleep can result in suffocation as they would be unable to move their neck to breathe more easily.

3. Crib -
The safest place a baby can sleep is in their own crib. Sleeping with an adult can cause entanglement and the baby possibly getting crushed. Many adults may lay their children on their bed and place pillows around them to prevent them from falling. However, the baby is more likely to roll over and suffocate from the pillows than get hurt from falling off the bed. Sleeping in a crib can ensure that the baby is in an enclosed area with a firm mattress beneath them to help them move about and without risk of suffocation.

While sudden infant deaths can be common and frightening, remembering this helpful acronym and taking caution when laying your children to sleep will ensure their safety.

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