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Voting: Importance and Impact

Voting: Importance and Impact

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As the midterm elections creep closer and news about who is running against who becomes more prevalent, it is important to remember to register to vote. While many people may not be of the age to vote yet, it is just as helpful to remind those who are of age to vote.

Voting in the midterm elections will allow people to become familiar with who is running to grab a seat in the U.S. Congress and who may be representing each state. Educating oneself on the politics of those running in these elections is important as those sitting in Congress will help pass laws that will determine the fate of this country.

As Muslims of different backgrounds living in this society, it is crucial to understand how this country’s decisions will impact us in our daily lives. While you may be tempted to brush away the urgent requests of everyone to register to vote and insist that you do not want to get involved with politics or that one vote will not make a difference, it is important to remember that by not voting, you are giving up an opportunity to voice your opinion. One vote is one more push towards seating your preferred senator in Congress. Voting will give us the platform to use our voice so that we may be heard. By voting in these midterm elections, you are allowing yourself to become educated on the politics of each of the people running and be informed on who will try to make and pass policies for or against us.

It is important to remember that by voting, you are helping decide who may have a seat in Congress and who may be writing laws to affect our day to day life. If you yourself cannot vote, encourage those that can to vote and remind them that by voting, they are making a difference in who has a say about this country’s future.

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