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Syria: How to Assist the Ongoing Struggle

Syria: How to Assist the Ongoing Struggle

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Bassam Khabieh, Reuters

The Syrian Civil War is an ongoing civil war between Syria’s president, Bashar Al-Assad and his allies, Salafi Jihadist groups, Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces, Sunni Arab rebel groups, the Islamic State of Iraq, and the Levant, also known as ISIL. There are also several other countries involved that are either supporting or fighting some of these groups.

While this civil war wages on, the civilians of Syria are suffering from the catastrophic events that have occurred since 2011. More than 400,000 civilians have died and millions more have been displaced and are seeking refuge in neighboring countries. The Syrian government has attacked the Syrian civilians in several ways such as using chemical weapons against them and refusing them humanitarian aid and has displaced several Syrian families. The Syrian government is not the only force that is inflicting harm on the helpless civilians. Other groups have also attacked, detained and used civilians as human shields as a war tactic.

Many of these Syrians are caught in the middle of this civil war and they have few countries to turn to as a hand to help. These civilians lack many basic necessities and would benefit greatly from the numerous organizations that are focused on helping these refugees and granting them the aid that they need. Below is a list of a few organizations that are dedicated to helping civilians in need:

  1. Charity Navigator
    This organization provides a list of charity organizations that are willing to accept people’s donations and help provide for the Syrian refugees.

  2. International Disaster Information
    Similar to Charity Navigator, this website provides multiple organizations that are providing the Syrian refugees with support and are accepting donations.

  3. International Rescue Committee
    This organization is dedicated to helping people in need across the globe. They also have information on their website to help give people a sense as to what is happening in Syria and what the effect of the attacks are. They are dedicated to donating to the Syrian refugee cause that provides aid to the civilians.

  4. Save the Children
    This organization also works on a global level and provides several ways to help such as donating, starting a fundraiser, becoming an advocate, and participating in events. It provides a place for people to give donations to the Syrian refugees and also provides statistics and a viewpoint on what is happening in Syria.

These are just a few organizations dedicated to helping people like Syrian refugees that are struggling to live in the conditions that they are in. Doing what you can, whether it be by donating, raising awareness, informing others on the crisis and getting others to help, will end up making a difference no matter how big or small.

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