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How to Be A Part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

How to Be A Part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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As domestic violence organizations across the nation prepare for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the purpose behind the activities is sometimes lost in the fanfare and ritualistic nature of galas, luncheons, walks, and vigils, when the focus should be on educating our community on domestic violence. Each activity’s sole purpose should be to raise awareness around the cruel and debilitating circumstances surrounding domestic violence and danger faced by so many victims and their children daily. Domestic Violence Awareness Month is a full-fledged campaign to distribute resources and professional help to those who fall victim to violent or psychological attacks at the hands of their loved ones.

Often people wonder how they can help or if they should get involved. Here are a couple of ways that you can help.

1. Educate yourself
Help a friend or family member by educating yourself about the dynamics of domestic violence, warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, safety planning, available resources, etc. so you can offer lifesaving tools to those around you.

2. Educate Others
Now that you're a domestic violence advocate, start educating those around you. Hang DV posters in the bathroom at your center of worship, school, office, hair salon, or share information about domestic violence with your Imam. Post Noor Family Services' contact number (470.589.7751) and the toll-free statewide Domestic Violence number: 1.800.33.HAVEN (1.800.334.2836).

3. Reach out to your local faith center
Be sure to reach out to your local faith leaders and ask them to provide a sermon during the month of October. Also, faith leaders must be able to direct victims and survivors of domestic violence towards appropriate resources within their local area. You can advise your faith leaders to obtain these materials from the Noor Family Services website

4. Volunteer with NFS
Noor Family Services provides several ways for volunteers to support our organization. Whether you have a few hours or a few days, we are grateful for your time. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please contact us at

5. Support NFS
Donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations help Noor Family Services continue to help victims and survivors of domestic violence while working to identify changing needs in the communities we serve and create new programs to meet those needs. Donate now to Noor Family Services by going to or mailing your donation to:
Noor Family Services
P.O. Box 3204
Suwanee, GA 30024

Noor Family Services provides services to victims and survivors of domestic violence and their children. Services provided include pro-bono legal services, shelter placement, financial assistance with transportation, rental and utility, support groups, counseling, case management, and other essential services. For more information about Noor Family Services, contact us at

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