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5 Tips to Overcome Your Creative Block

5 Tips to Overcome Your Creative Block

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As a creative, you may find yourself encountering creative blocks from time to time. You may find yourself getting frustrated or disappointed at the lack of ideas or simply the lack of motivation. Here are a few tips that will hopefully spark your creativity and allow you to move past your creative block:

1. Take a step back and allow yourself a break or two:
Sometimes we tend to push ourselves too far without considering the effects on our mind and body. If you find yourself constantly searching for new ideas and new sources of motivation, try taking a step back and relaxing. Give your brain some time to relax and rest for a while before jumping back into the creative thinking process. You may find yourself grabbing for new ideas more easily than before.

2. Look back on previous projects to see where you can improve.
You don’t always have to be making something new or from scratch. By working on previous projects or unfinished ideas, you can work to improve on things you have learned along the creative process way as well as develop those projects into something better. Looking back on previous projects or untouched ideas may help spur some creative ideas that you may add on to said projects.

3. Write down every idea:
Carrying a notebook or simply making a note on your phone whenever something sparks your interest can help you develop a list of things that you can turn to when you’re in a creative block. While this may not be an immediate solution to the creative block you are having currently, in the long-run, it will serve as a back-up in the case that you have another creative block and seemingly no solution.

4. Focus on the mundane parts of your life:
Sometimes you may think that your ideas have to be something extraordinary or something very unique. However, looking at the mundane side of your life where you perform simple tasks such as making your bed, eating breakfast, going to school or work, feeding your pets, etc… may provide a form of inspiration you may be looking for. Even drawing or writing about the simple things in life can be a start to an idea that you can go back to and further develop. Focusing on the mundane part of life may not only serve as a way to make the simple things in life seem interesting, but you may find something unique and interesting about your life that you want to focus on and develop into something greater.

5. Work with another person:
Working with another person will allow you to bounce ideas off one another and further spark any ideas that may be lurking inside your mind. You may think that everything you create must be done by yourself or that by working by yourself, your work has more value. However, collaborating with others will not only allow you to bounce ideas off on another and come up with something creative to do, but you will be able to experience another perspective and what another person’s view on projects is. By working with others, you will be able to expand on ideas that you may have or have come up with them and slowly work around your creative block.

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