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Failing Friendships: Why It’s Important to Let Them Go

Failing Friendships: Why It’s Important to Let Them Go

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At some point in our lives, we all thought we would be friends with someone for as long as we lived; we imagined that nothing would ever tear us apart from them. Much to our dismay, somewhere along the line, we may have found ourselves to be sadly mistaken. While it is important to cherish the friendships you have, it is just as important to know when a friendship should be let go of.

Some friendships may end due to lack of interest or communication in different parts. Others may end due to differences arising, or issues that come in between the two (or more) people. Whatever the reason, it’s crucial to remember that some friendships are better let go of than chased after. We might be tempted to fish after the remains of a friendship and try to piece it back together because it was something we once cherished. However, someone should be able to recognize when what was once present - loyalty, trust, or simply the connection - is no longer there.

Rather than chasing after a friend to put back together what the two of you once had, it is better to lean back for a minute, take a look at the friendship, and consider whether chasing after it will do you any good. Consider whether it would be healthy to go after and stress about something that is already fading, or whether you are the only one trying to restore things between you and your friend.

It is understandable to feel sadness or even be devastated at the loss of a friendship depending on how long it lasted or how close you may have been to a friend. It is understandable to want to chase after friends and want to mend the fading relationship. Nevertheless, it is important to be able to understand when to let go of a friendship when the other person is no longer trying, or when the differences are too great. It is important to realize and understand whether a friendship is doing more good than harm and, whether you are wasting your time on a friendship that may never go back to what it used to be.

Letting go of friendships is never easy, especially if you have been close with that person for a long period of time. Still, it is better to let go of them rather than continuing to convince yourself that there is something to save. Some friends are not meant to be a part of our lives for as long as we want them to be and while that can be difficult to understand and learn, it is crucial to remember when maintaining relationships.

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