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More Than Henna & Face Paint

More Than Henna & Face Paint

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A wristband and some tickets, bouncy houses, food trucks, and lots of kid-friendly activities, this is the general perception associated with the term Field Day. But the Roswell Community Masjid (RCM) expanded this everyday impression to include a community, brought together by the joyful laughter of our young children, led by our young uprising youth, and guided by the wisdom of those who we can all learn from. RCM’s Annual Field Day was an opportunity for the community to unite families from all age groups, learn from a diversity of organizations, and share perspectives from a plethora of cultures.

The fun activities were not only bound to children but were inclusive of young adults and parents as well. Activities included races and challenges in Wills Park Baseball Field, raffle ticket drawings, spin the wheel prizes, Arts & Crafts, a Tie-Dye shirt station, Henna, silent auction, face painting, and more! It was inspiring to see our young adults and volunteers lead the field challenges and other recreational activities.

Vendor booths and local organizations were involved in many of these activities. The diversity brought by these local organizations opened a platform for everyone to learn and become more involved in the community. Some of these organizations included: The Atlanta Muslim Running Club (AMRC), Noor Family Services (NFS), Support Embrace Empower Mental Health Advocacy (SEEMA), United Muslim Relief, Syrian Community Network (SCN), ICNA Relief, Islam in Spanish, and more.

The Atlanta Muslim Running Club (AMRC) is a fun social group that promotes health and fitness for all age groups and fitness levels. AMRC creates fun health challenges and raises money to promote beneficial causes. AMRC members are excited about their upcoming 5K event, the Atlanta Fasting 5K, to raise funds against domestic violence.

Noor Family Services (NFS) is a nonprofit organization that works to assist victims and survivors of domestic and family violence. NFS provides victims with assistance in legal services, apartment rentals, mental health counseling, and an opportunity for a better future. NFS is also participating in the Atlanta Fasting 5K.

Support Embrace Empower Mental Health Advocacy (SEEMA) is an organization that focuses on mental health. SEEMA wants to address mental health and the stigma associated with it to our Muslim community. More importantly, SEEMA promotes mental health care and social work through support, education, and advocacy.

The Syrian Community Network (SCN) is an organization that assists local refugees. SCN serves over 130 families across the metropolitan area. At RCM Field Day, SCN served delicious desserts and unique handmade items made by local Syrian refugees.

ICNA Relief is an organization that provides relief to victims and survivors of disasters. It aids and empowers underprivileged Americans through community service, fundraising events, and food drives. ICNA Relief is working towards their upcoming event on May 12th which involves the distribution of Ramadan prep boxes.

Islam in Spanish serves the Latinos in America and across the world who have embraced Islam. It provides translated works of the Quran, Hadith, and religious works. Moreover, Islam in Spanish provides a networking opportunity and community for Muslim Latinos.

RCM’s Annual Field Day was more than Henna and face paint. It was a chance for a community to come together, regardless of age, culture, or language, and learn about each other through conversation, leadership, and networking.

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