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Educational Breakthrough for Muslim Families

Educational Breakthrough for Muslim Families

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Today’s classrooms cannot address the varying educational needs of each individual child and often fail to cater to the various learning methods that allow students to flourish. For this reason, parents and students are turning to tutoring.

While academic learning is fundamental, Muslims are also searching to balance the study of Dunya with the study of Deen. In an ideal world, parents would not have to sacrifice either, and could turn to a tutoring service that took care of both Academic AND Islamic needs. Golden Age, a social enterprise founded in 2016 by Atlanta locals, Abdullah Budeir and Muhammad Hajaj, is working to do just that.

With the launch of Golden Age Tutoring, they are seeking to bring together Atlanta’s best tutors and learning experts and connect them with Muslim students who need support. Golden Age Tutoring is launching with subject support in math, language arts, biology, physics, chemistry, history, Qur’an, and Arabic. To cover such a diverse range of subjects, Golden Age’s network of Tutors is equally as diverse with trained huffadh, Georgia Tech math students, experienced public school teachers, and Arabic instructors serving students 7 days week throughout the year.

Golden Age has built their tutoring service to support all Atlanta families by providing location, price and schedule flexibility. Parents can request tutoring sessions in any location across Metro Atlanta on the dates and times that work best with them and be paired with an appropriate learning expert.

Golden Age is kicking off the service by holding free assessment days at Islamic schools and masajid around the city for Muslim students to help find the right support and tutors to excel. Those interested in learning more about the tutoring service Golden Age’s other programs can check out their website here:

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