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10 Islamic Nasheeds to Curb Your Music Cravings

10 Islamic Nasheeds to Curb Your Music Cravings

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Nowadays, it can be hard to avoid music since it plays in nearly every store you shop and even in between newscasts. Resisting the temptation isn't so difficult to do so with practice and time, but you will also feel the urge to substitute music with something else, and that’s where nasheeds come in! Nasheeds are Islamic "songs" about halal (permissible) topics, minus the music. Here are 10 of my favorite nasheeds to listen to that will get you through this summer and thereafter, inshAllah!

1. Maula Ya Salli Wa Sallim

Nasheeds come in all languages, and this one's in Arabic but comes with English lyrics.

2. Allahu

3. Subhan’Allah

This is just one of the many variations of this nasheed by one of my favorite nasheed singers: Nadeem Mohammad. He makes the nasheed sound fun and upbeat with just vocal tunes!

4. Ar-Rahman

I found this nasheed during Ramadan, and it was an instant soothing playback for me.

5. Mohammad Ka Roza (The Fast Of Mohammad)

This one's in Urdu and by Junaid Jamshed, who has since passed on. Let us keep him in our duas and enjoy the gift he left behind.

6. Mera Dil Badal Dai (Change My Heart)

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7. Rabbana

8. Allah Made Everything

This nasheed is a childhood favorite, even if you didn’t hear it in your childhood. I’ve been singing along since day one since it makes for great car ride moments.

9. 99 Names Of Allah

The names of Allah are shown in the video above, so you can follow along with the lyrics easily and memorize all 99 names yourself!

10. Ya Adheeman

While it’s in Arabic, this nasheed will touch a place inside your heart. I strongly recommend looking at the translated lyrics here.

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