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Georgia’s 6th District Race Shines a Light on Palestine Issues in Stark Contrast

Georgia’s 6th District Race Shines a Light on Palestine Issues in Stark Contrast

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John Ruch

Democratic candidates Lucy McBath and Kevin Abel are running in the primary runoff for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District to compete against the current United States Representative, Republican Karen Handel. And though both candidates share the belief that they will triumph in the areas Jon Ossoff did not in 2017, Kevin Abel and Lucy McBath find that their stances starkly contrast when it comes to one topic that may just draw the interest of the Muslim community- the movement of the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

McBath, who suffered the death of her son in 2012, is a committed advocate for gun control and believes her campaign will appeal to citizens of the area regardless of the party they identify with. In addition, Abel appears to appeal to the moderate members of the Republican party, while also challenging the views of President Trump’s administration on immigration policies, as well as healthcare.

During the debate held by the Jewish Democratic Women’s Salon, both candidates found common ground in regards to liberal causes such as immigration policies and gun control, but also emphasized the significance of reaching out to voters who may not align themselves with Democratic views.

Over the course of his campaign, it seems that Kevin Abel has gained supporters among the Muslim community. However, many are unaware of his stance on Trump’s decision to move the United States embassy in Israel from the location of Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. According to Reporter Newspapers, Abel stated at the forum that he supports the change of location, while Lucy Mcbath made it clear that she believes it is an obstruction of the deal for peace between the authorities of Palestine and Israel.

Now, with the runoff approaching on July 24th, it is important that the Muslim community is informed of the beliefs and values of those campaigning to represent them, especially when beliefs of such significance have the potential to impact the Muslim Ummah on a larger scale.

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