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5 Easily Productive Things to do Over Break

5 Easily Productive Things to do Over Break

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As winter break approaches, you may find yourself wanting to simply relax all break and not think about school or other responsibilities for a short time. Some people may want to start on new projects or find something productive to do to keep themselves occupied. Whether you fall into either category, here are a few productive and enjoyable activities you can occupy yourself with over break:

1. Baking
If you enjoy making sweets or desserts of any kind, baking over a long break will help you keep yourself busy while also improving your kitchen skills! You won’t have to make anything elaborate or fancy. It can be as simple as baking cookies to eat while enjoying a cozy day inside, watching television. Inviting over friends or family may add to the enjoyment of the experience, and will help you make the most of the moment.

2. Knitting
For more artsy people, if you prefer to make blankets, sweaters, gloves, or whatever you want, knitting might be the right option for you. Knitting is a helpful skill to learn over a break and can allow you to start a few projects of your own to create any wintry item you desire.

3. Reading
Whether you prefer comics or novels, reading is a productive way to spend your break, as you can catch up on any new books that you may have been planning on reading but haven’t gotten the time to begin. Reading can help you de-stress and take a break from the normally stressful routine you may have for school and work.

4. Yoga/Stretching
Another helpful way to unwind is to do yoga or stretch. Stretching and doing yoga not only increases your flexibility and muscle strength, but it also helps you to meditate and relieve your mind of any worries you may be facing. It’s a useful technique to help calm yourself and take a short breather from a demanding day.

5. Organizing
While the thought of having to get up and clean, or do something actually productive may seem like a bore, cleaning while simultaneously listening to music or watching your favorite show makes the task go by faster. You don’t necessarily have to start cleaning everything at one, but if you desperately need to organize your closet or quickly tidy up your bathroom, playing some music or your favorite show as some background noise can help take your mind of off the monotony of the task.

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