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The Pressure to Be Perfect- Body Image

The Pressure to Be Perfect- Body Image

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Everywhere in the media, you can find examples of how society promotes an image of how one should look, especially women. Society continues to push advertisements into our faces on what the best makeup brand is, what clothes we should buy to fit our supposedly slim figures, what accessories we should adorn ourselves with, etc. Even as we read the news, we see how people continuously critique women and how they look, act, dress, and speak. Everywhere a woman goes, eyes follow her and analyze how she looks and behaves.

This pressure to act perfect and look a certain way is something that is only amplified as society projects advertisements on how to appear more beautiful, skinny, and flawless. While progress has been made to be more inclusive of all body types, there is still the constant idea that one would look "better" if they were three sizes skinnier.

Numerous women can find themselves looking in the mirror and being unsatisfied with how they look. They continue to search for ways to change. As a result, they focus on what and how much they eat, how much they exercise, how loose or tight their clothes fit, and much more. Tiny details they weren't as aware of before suddenly enter the light, and they become conscious of how others may perceive them.

This constant anxiety over how one looks is not only detrimental to one's body, as they continue to try and change their physique over a period, but it is also harmful to one's mental health. By continually stressing over how you look and how well you fit into your clothes, you continue to place pressure on yourself to do better, eat less, exercise more, and, therefore end up exhausting yourself. The constant attention that you relentlessly give to your weight and body only adds to the hyperawareness you develop of your body that causes you stress and anxiety.

As we begin to observe more of what society tries to feed us every day, we can notice how we are so easily brainwashed to believe that a slimmer body type is more beautiful and more preferable than a curvier, chubbier body type. We can notice how the word "fat" is thrown around as an insult to degrade someone.

While it may seem troublesome to make an effort to discern such things and unlearn these ideas that have been shoved down our throats for as long as we can remember, it is just as important to understand when what society is telling you is something harmful. It is essential to realize some things that you have been taught and have grown used to are not always the best ideas to live by.

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