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Kababji Grill in Gwinnett

Kababji Grill in Gwinnett

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For years, I've driven 30 minutes to Alpharetta for my fix of perfect shawarmas and succulent Arab-style kababs. Today, I discovered a restaurant, Kababji Grill, in Duluth, serving shawarma platters and kababs as delicious as the finest Arab restaurants in Alpharetta. The beef kababs taste just like the $18 kababs at upscale restaurants in fancy malls.

The chicken kababs are tender, flavorful, and a hit with the kids. The platters are overflowing with meat, rice, hummus, baba ganoush, and pickled vegetables. The place is small, but the owner cooks and serves with pride and love. Kababji is clean, the service is fast, and I cannot wait to go back.

I am proud of small business owners like Brother Hussam, opening his restaurant in an older part of town, creating a place where families can come together for good food. Kababji is proof that family businesses are revitalizing our cities.

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