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Mental Health Advocacy in Atlanta

Mental Health Advocacy in Atlanta

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Have you been struggling with the stresses of life? Have you been bogged down by depression, anxiety, or any other mental health block? SEEMA might just be your source for some much needed reprieve!

SEEMA is a namesake mental health advocacy group, created by sisters Mehreen Siddiqui, Sharmeen Qureshi, and Naureen Ahmed, in honor of their mother, Seema Ahmed. The SEEMA organization operates under the non-profit, umbrella organization, Muhsen, that seeks to help Muslims living with disabilities. SEEMA is working towards broadening the availability of mental health resources for Muslims around the world.

SEEMA stands for Support Embrace Empower Mental Health Advocacy. The organization aims to end the stigma surrounding mental health in Muslim communities, by providing open communication and a plethora of resources to families struggling with mental health. SEEMA believes that by providing these resources, they’ll be able to create a network of support for individuals around the world that deal with mental health issues on a daily basis.

Honored to announce that SEEMA is starting it’s launch right here in Atlanta, under the direction of Co-founder, Mehreen Siddiqui. If you or anyone you may know is interested in volunteering, then please visit

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