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Third Annual Visit-A-Mosque Day in Atlanta

Third Annual Visit-A-Mosque Day in Atlanta

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In aid of community growth in unity, friendship, love and understanding, the city of Atlanta has conveniently presented this amazing event for the public to experience Islam in a Mosque for themselves!

We welcome all our neighbors of all faiths and backgrounds to visit their local Mosque and join their friends and family in this wonderful experience!

In this year’s Visit A Mosque Day on March 10th, 27 mosques participated from all the major cities, from as far as North Kennesaw to South Savannah! Here is a list of all the mosques that participated: Here

This year we were pleased to welcome hundreds of new faces and friends to our Mosques! With a wider range of mosques participating in Visit A Mosque Day, we were thrilled to meet with many newcomers and inquisitive visitors!

We were honored to acquaint some of the leaders and authoritative figures of our community with Islam! With no questions off the table, people were able to ask any and every question they had about Islam and Muslims freely.

Some Mosques gave their visitors a tour through their prayer areas, libraries, and other various spaces.

Curious minds demand knowledge which leads to an educated society that in turn, empowers us to understand our world better. It was a great privilege for our Mosques to create friendships with and acquaint our fellow brothers and sisters with our faith!

Islam is one of the most racially diverse religion across the globe. In Islam we celebrate our different kinds of foods and traditions together as one. And Visit A Mosque Day had a taste of it!

Each Mosques offered various activities such as: Henna tattoos Try-on-a-hijab Have your name name in Arabic calligraphy Trivia games Learn Arabic in minutes A “No Questions Off the Table” session Islamic Spanish Cultural dress up Muslim Boy Scout troop and more!

This year all the participating Mosques across Atlanta were very glad to have opened their doors for Visit A Mosque Day to an outpour of new friendships, community, and understanding!

And what makes Visit A Mosque Day all worth it in the end, are the amazing responses we get from our beloved friends and the community!

A Commanding Officer of Gwinnett County who visited was very impressed with the event and said: “This is a great program and I will encourage my Agency to participate in it on a larger scale moving forward. The importance of a relationship based on trust and understanding between law enforcement and those we serve is more important today than ever.”

A middle school Principal who also visited and was very pleased with her experience, said: Thank you so much for inviting me to “Visit A Mosque Day.” It was so informative and inspiring. We have a great deal in common! Thank you again for the invitation, the hospitality, and the forum.”

“Good Morning and God’s Peace be with you— I attended the Open House on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoyed the talk and especially the wonderful food and hospitality. I want to commend you for your openness and hospitality and for helping to “put a different perspective” on Muslims from the image we get from the news/ social media. I hope that God will show us all ways that Christian and Muslim citizens can work together to make our community a better place to live for all of us.”

“I learned a lot...about the education system, about the prayer arrangements...and the role of the Imam in the community.”

“Thank you so much for inviting me to "Visit a Mosque Day." It was so informative and inspiring. We have a great deal in common.”

“Thank you so much for organizing this event. The food was delicious!”

“Everyone was so friendly & kind & welcoming & so informative about your religion. We learned a lot & thoroughly enjoyed our visit. And the food was wonderful as well! Hope to visit again”

This great event brought together our neighbors of different religious and ethnic backgrounds to learn about not just our differences but also our many similarities! Many friendships were made and much love was given to our fellow brothers and sisters!

Thank you to everyone who participated and exhausted their efforts into making #VisitAMosqueATL Day successful again this year! We’re looking forward to an even greater event next year!

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