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13.1 Mile Ramadan Run to Feed the Hungry

13.1 Mile Ramadan Run to Feed the Hungry

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In our nation of 320 million, 1 out of 6 people face food insecurity, meaning they are uncertain as to when they will receive their next meal. Just as air and water essential to human life, many are lacking the basic need of food. Therefore, Arif Kazi is asking that you donate $13.10- $1 per mile that he runs at the Hotlanta Half-Marathon this Ramadan on June 11th.

Not only is there an overwhelming amount of families who go hungry in the U.S, but 13.1 million are children. In the month of Ramadan, we (Muslims) fast in an attempt to grasp the reality of hunger by omitting the intake of food and liquid. By running the half-marathon (13.1 mi) while fasting in the hot, humid weather of Atlanta, Arif wishes to shine light upon the fact that not only is hunger prevalent, but that it exists in our very own communities. Through Arif’s partnership with Share Atlanta, 100% of the funds will be donated towards the distribution of food to the hungry (all funds are tax deductible). In addition, Arif’s campaign has been approved and promoted by the organization in charge of the marathon, Hotlanta.

About: SHARE Atlanta The Services for Human Advancement and Resource Enhancement (SHARE) Center is an advocacy organization and social service that serves the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of the neighborhood and community in which it resides. The institution provides the guidance and tools to individuals in order for them to become righteous, healthy, and whole human beings. In addition, the Center also advocates for equality and justice.

Who is Arif Kazi? Arif Kazi is the founder of the Atlanta Muslim Running Club. The AMRC was founded in 2015, and the Facebook membership has now exceeded 400 members and continues to grow. The AMRC has allowed Muslims from all over Atlanta to come together to push themselves to develop a healthier lifestyle through running. The club, which is made up of a very diverse group of Muslims, runs every Sunday in various location throughout Atlanta.

Arif strives to inspire others to push themselves to discover their potential, and hopes to do so by running this half-marathon to raise money for the hungry.

Donate $13.10 today

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