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Help Us Stop the Backdoor Muslim Ban

Help Us Stop the Backdoor Muslim Ban

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If you thought the battle over the Muslim Ban was over, think again. Even though both of President Trump’s Executive Orders about banning Muslims were halted by the courts, the administration is planning a new way of banning Muslims by extreme vetting in the visa application process.

On the same day that second Muslim ban was announced, the White House issued a memorandum directing the State Department to create “enhanced vetting procedures,” a promise made particularly in the context of the resettlement of Syrian refugees.

How would this work?

Essentially, it would require that certain visa applications which the administration sees as national security threats be subject to submitting additional information. This additional information includes: fifteen years of personal history, including employment information, places they have lived or traveled, and how they funded such travel.

In addition, these applicants would be required to provide all social media handles they have used in the past five years. This is disconcerting because it will make them and others mentioned on their social media pages potential targets of future government surveillance. If applicants do not provide this information, their visa application may be rejected.

We know based on past rhetoric and the administration’s explicit call for a Muslim ban that "potential national security threats" means they will target Muslims and people from Muslim-majority countries. Please help us stop this Backdoor Muslim Ban!

What can you do?

By law, the public is offered an opportunity to comment on new policies such as this, and the government is required to consider them.

Here's where you can help: Take Action! Show your support for Muslims and people from predominantly Muslim countries by using our online form to submit comments in opposition to this back door Muslim ban before Thursday, May 18.

For your comments to be more meaningful and counted individually, rather than as submissions of the same comments by multiple people, each submission must be different. Please make the comments your own by adding your own language to the template.

Every action you take to protect immigrants, refugees, and Muslim communities is a step to protect American values and create the nation we want to live in. Join us to tell the federal government why this matters to you.

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