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The Trump Opportunity: A Letter to America's Dictator

The Trump Opportunity: A Letter to America's Dictator

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Letter to the Editor:

Simply looking at any media platform, the public continues to see headlines of the Muslim Ban, whether for or against. Frankly, as an American born Muslim, this is extremely frightening to me, nevermind how it must feel to others who do not hold a citizenship. The fact is though: we have to be vigilant and remember that Donald Trump is not just attacking Muslims, but is endlessly threatening democracy as a whole.

Donald Trump, our “so-called president”, is someone who not only believes he has the force or power to ban and harass Muslims in this country, but who is also convinced that he can rid this country of ultimate democracy. The ways in which he tweets has been compared by Hitler scholars as being quite similar in the ways in which Hitler himself once spoke.

And while it is essential for us to remain vigilant and aware as well as actively take action against these numerous attempts to enforce a Muslim ban, we also need to be be educated on other issues and rise up for all the other issues going on behind the scenes to destroy our democracy.

The confirmation of the nomination and placement of Steven Bannon onto the National Security Council, as well as many other troubling characters such as Betsy DeVos, is another one of the many affairs that we must be aware of. Despite the fact that they are not always widely publicized, these issues also have major implications and potential consequences.

Other issues including Trump’s attempts to bypass courts should truly worry anyone who wishes to reside in a nation defined as a democracy. It is up to us as the American people to remind Donald Trump and those in his cabinet that we will not stand still or sit quietly. We are members of this democracy, and dissenting is an essential aspect of any democracy.

As an American Muslim, I have also come to find how similar and intertwined many of the struggles other diverse communities in the U.S. face are as compared to our battles as Muslims in America. The fact is that other minority communities are also being targeted by the Trump regime (and many others in Congress who are entirely culpable of the same threats as well). We, as a united community, need to remember this and support other communities.

Intersectionality is the key in stopping those who aim to take away our rights, our liberties, and our democracy. Whenever a community is being harmed, whether it be our Native brothers and sisters at Standing Rock, or our Black brothers and sisters being killed in the streets, we must remember that we have fellow Muslims who are also simultaneously part of these communities and we must stand up for their battles as well. It is up to us to protect our democracy by calling our senators, protesting, and staying informed. Our president must be reminded that this is not a monarchy, and he will never be our king.


Another Muslim American

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