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Atlanta Muslim Author Subhanah Wahhaj Publishes Memoir, "How I Found Myself in Egypt"

Atlanta Muslim Author Subhanah Wahhaj Publishes Memoir, "How I Found Myself in Egypt"

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Though a countless number of people now rave about “How I Found Myself in Egypt,” the idea for the book was born through turmoil. As the author of this memoir, I had been struggling with something for a while and considered myself to be patiently persevering, but just didn’t know how much more I could take. I was tired and just wanted to move on with my life, without the stress. I wanted to give up and I actually contemplated doing so.

I made sajdah (prostration) to Allah and within a couple of seconds I was amazed at what happened. Before you knew it, I was jumping up and down, thrilled that such a blessing came out of my pain. As a direct result of me deciding NOT give up and instead prostrate to Allah in submission, Allah gifted me with the idea to write “How I Found Myself in Egypt.” I now felt purposeful and overall good about my trial and what I had been faced with. Now others could benefit from my adversity.

I never thought that so many people would read “How I Found Myself in Egypt” and fall in love with it. The responses that I have received have been incredible. Alhumdulillah, one reader found it so compelling that she could not put it down; she kept on turning the pages until she realized that she had stayed up all night reading the book.

I am astonished when I hear feedback like this because I never thought that I would write a book about my life. As I reflect back to some of the experiences recorded in my memoir, I am flabbergasted at how Allah delivered me from those situations that seemed almost impossible to deal with at the time. I am honored that Allah has made “How I Found Myself in Egypt” a means of inspiring, benefitting and enlightening others. The incredible response I have received from Muslim and non-Muslim readers have been extraordinary, Masha Allah.

So how exactly did I find myself in Egypt? The reader will be amazed at what they discover once they read the book! In actuality, the beginning of the book starts on 9/11 in New York City, where I, who was a Muslim college student at the time, faced the backlash consequent to the attack on the World Trade Center. The memoir goes on to chronicle the challenges I face in the workforce and the transition made from working outside of the home to becoming a first-time wife and mother. The challenges I face in Egypt and my journey to find myself is a principal theme of the memoir.

“How I Found Myself in Egypt” is currently sold on Amazon at an amazingly discounted price. Get your book now before the price goes back up! Grab your copy today.

REVIEWS FOR “HOW I FOUND MYSELF IN EGYPT”: “Gripping, and timely.” “Engagingly written and edifying for a non-Muslim.” "A thought-provoking read, especially for those with a limited knowledge of Islam.”


Subhanah Wahhaj is the daughter of the famous, Muslim leader in America, Imam Siraj Wahhaj. Subhanah Wahhaj was born and raised in New York City. Upon getting married, she and her husband traveled to Egypt and spent nearly three years there. She spent her time studying the Qur'an and Islamic Sciences. She gave birth to her first child in Egypt. Shortly after giving birth for a second time, she would publish her first book, "How I Found Myself in Egypt" .

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