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Aleppo: What can you do?

Aleppo: What can you do?

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I get so many phone calls, text messages, and emails

People are asking: How to help Aleppo? What can we do?

All of us will be standing before the almighty God, and will be questioned on what's going on, as we are reading this message, to our beloved brothers, sisters, and children and our fellow human beings in Aleppo...

The least of their right is a sincere Duaa (prayer) and to donate as much as each one us could do. No amount is too little...

With 35 Doctors left to serve more than 400,000 Syrians, it is pretty obvious that the medical care is the top priority.

I trust the Syrian American Medical society. SAMS Foundation is a nonprofit humanitarian organization established in 2007. Its volunteer physicians deliver direct medical care in Syria, Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon and 92,261 Patients have been served by their mobile clinic.

Three out of four Syrian children "have lost a close friend or family member in their country's ongoing conflict" and "many have witnessed violence," notes the International Rescue Committee.

96 cents of every dollar donated to SAMS went directly into their programs in 2015, and $20,949,853 were their program expenses. More details are available in their 2015 annual report.

Join us this Saturday, October 1st, in support of their humanitarian work. Tickets are available here

If you can't make it to the event, consider donating any amount

Emad Sabbah Atlanta, Ga 09/29/2016

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