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How Are Muslim Leaders in Atlanta Improving Our Community?

How Are Muslim Leaders in Atlanta Improving Our Community?

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Shuaib Hanief

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In March 2016, and again in May 2016, Muslim leaders and representatives from all around the Atlanta area had a roundtable meeting to discuss how can they improve the Muslim community collectively.

Many recognizable and distinguished leaders from all around Atlanta were present at both events. This included but was not limited to: Amjad Taufique from Al Furqan Masjid, Maher Budeir from Balanced Leadership Institute, Imam Arshad Anwar from Roswell Community Masjid, Jelena Naim, Principal of Al Falah Academy, Hud Williams and Kashif Riaz from Ilm academy, Emad Sabbah from U-Beyond, Aisha Yaqoob from the GA Muslim Voter Project, Shuaib Hanief from, and Yusof Burke and Edward Ahmed Mitchell from the Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

At this meeting, leaders were able to share and discuss the best practices to improve Muslim organizations by working together. While every organization has a separate internal role in the community, it is critical that they come together to solve external problems in strategic ways. The purpose of doing this is to increase the social and political capital of Atlanta Muslims in case any negative incidents happen. While discussing the issues and resolving strategies, light was shed on the many issues that surround the Muslim community in Atlanta, and ways to solve that. This ranges Islamophobic incidents from outside the community, to ways to solve domestic violence that sometimes plagues the inside of the community.

Representatives of the present organizations came up with many ideas, projects, and programs to serve that purpose. These ideas were divided into two categories: building meaningful relationships and changing the narrative, and doing good and serving others. Ideas shared included participating in food pantries, road cleaning, lunch with members of the media, participating in local government/community meetings, press releases, and other solutions to issues found both within and outside the American Muslim community in Atlanta.

As the goal of these organizations is to unite together to have a bigger impact on the community at large, Imam Suhaib Webb, a guest speaker at March 2016 event, emphasized the importance of unity, but also pointed out that unity does not necessarily mean uniformity. However, as Muslims, we must learn to work through our differences, while still being genuine and sincere. He concluded with a reminder to make dua’a for each other and for Muslim leaders.

If you, as a community member, have any concerns or suggestions that you think will help the Muslim community, contact your local Muslim representative, and let your voice be heard. The next Roundtable will be in September and all Muslim organizations are welcome to join.

Please email Br. Maher Budeir at for more details.

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