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Madina Institute Celebrates its Inaugural Graduation

Madina Institute Celebrates its Inaugural Graduation

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The air buzzed with excitement. Two rows of students sat eagerly, nearly spilling out of their seats. A year’s worth of grueling hours and patient dedication had led up to this night, this moment: Madina Institute's inaugural graduation.

Students from near and far dedicated the past year of their lives to study at the Madina Institute’s intensive seminary program, the first institution in the Southeastern region of the United States that offers both associate's and bachelor's degrees at an accelerated pace of study. The comprehensive program consists of subjects ranging from classical Quranic studies to Islamic Jurisprudence and most subjects in between. Classes are taught by world renowned scholars of the various subjects. The institute provides a platform of learning that connects modern living with classical study.

How is it possible to cram such a heavy subject load into one year? It’s possible when students and teachers alike giving nearly every second of free time to day-long classes and late-night study sessions.

With such hard work, came amazing achievements. The inaugural class of Madina Institute graduated with associate degrees in Islamic studies and a completion of Ijaza (a special certification of mastering specific areas of Islamic studies) granted by the program’s founder and world-renowned Islamic scholar, Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya al-Ninowy.

One by one, students were called up. Each received their certificates from the hands of the scholars they studied under. The massive crowd of supportive community members cheered on, electrifying the air--sweetening the moment.

A year’s worth of work culminated in a moment so gratifying and yet so bittersweet. The long year suddenly felt short as a wave of shock washed over the students and staff. Could it be that the year was actually over? A year that began with strangers, ended as family. A year that transformed minds, thoughts and lives.

Yes, the year came to a close, but the knowledge and friendship gained was enough to last a lifetime.

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