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ICNA Relief Expands Hunger Prevention Efforts in Atlanta

ICNA Relief Expands Hunger Prevention Efforts in Atlanta

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As of March 2016, ICNA Relief Atlanta has become an official partner of Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB) in hunger prevention efforts, alhamdulillah.

Back in September 2015, ICNA Relief Atlanta opened a Refugee Empowerment Center in Stone Mountain to better support some of its established programs that have been primarily serving the needs of refugee families and individuals for past several years.

The food pantry was a step in the right direction, part of a strategic roadmap laid out a few years ago. ICNA hopes to improve the quality of life for impoverished families and individuals through sustained social services, education and vocational training, eventually enabling them to become self-sufficient and productive members of the society.

The partnership with ACFB will increase the amount of the food supply multi-fold, allowing ICNA to support many more individuals and families than 600 families that we supported last year, insha Allah.

Very soon, we also plan to start offering free healthcare services (Shifa Clinic) at the same location. ESOL classes for women, SAT preparation classes for youth and Math/Science/English tutoring for kids are already being conducted free of charge.

Through project SAHI (Setup a Home Initiative), ICNA Relief was able to provide furniture, clothes and other appliances to numerous refugee families since it started in 2014.

In 2013, collaborating with Masjid al-Mo’mineen (Clarkston), ICNA Relief established project RACE (Refugee Assistance for Children Education), where our volunteers teach Islamic Studies and serve lunch to about 150 refugee children twice a week at masjid location.

We also serve communities in the Clarkston/Stone Mountain every year through our seasonal projects like Udhiyah Meat, Eid Toys and Back2School Bags Giveaway.

Following our strategic road map ICNA Relief plans to soon expand its academic and Islamic educational services and start providing skill development trainings to adults to assist them in earning a dignified living.

We would like to encourage all of our readers to come forward and cooperate with us in the matters of good, financially and physically, in order to serve humanity, change the perception of Muslims in this country, and reap the good rewards in the Hereafter. In 2015, ICNA Relief provided $1.9 Million worth of services in Metro Atlanta area and put together over 12,000 volunteer hours with the help of the Muslim community. Please visit ICNA Atlanta's website or call 770-300-0067 if you’d like to support financially or volunteer your services.

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