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Atlanta Tutoring Center for Refugees Quickly Grows

Atlanta Tutoring Center for Refugees Quickly Grows

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Around 20 volunteers gather every Saturday to tutor refugee children at the ICNA Relief Refugee Center in Stone Mountain, Georgia. These refugee children are given the opportunity to broaden their understanding of English and Math with the help of volunteers from several universities within the metro Atlanta area.

“Though the children do not speak fluent English, this did not stop them from learning and growing in their new communities.” Ahmad Tuffaha (RLC Volunteer)

After meeting with a few refugee families, several college students began tutoring the children on weekends. Word quickly spread, and soon there was no shortage of volunteers. Within three weeks, the volunteers were able to use a facility under ICNA Atlanta and set a curriculum for the various age levels of the students.

“I think the main goal here is to watch these kids grow and see them succeed. That’s all we really want,” said Nour Salahat, a freshman at Georgia State University and curriculum organizer at RLC.

As of today, there are about seven refugee families participating, giving us about twenty-five eager children to be tutored. Children run into the facility every Saturday with bags on their backs, pencils in their hands, and smiles on their faces - ready to learn.

As the number of children in need of tutoring continues to increase, the number of volunteers needed must complement. Individuals interested in volunteering may contact RLC by emailing

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