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RCM Receives Champions of Community Engagement Award from the ISB!  

RCM Receives Champions of Community Engagement Award from the ISB!  

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On July 2, 2016, the Roswell Community Masjid received the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta’s first ever Champions of Community Engagement Award. ISB's Executive Director Soumaya Khalifa and ISB Board Member Nabile Safdar presented this award accepted by RCM's Board of Trustees Chairman Dr. Ahmad Hashem and Imam Arshad Anwar.

The CoCE Award recognizes the contributions of mosques or other Muslim organizations that have demonstrated excellence in building bridges in their communities through civic engagement and dialogue.

The elements for which organizations were assessed included evidence of successful community outreach, commitment to inclusive leadership including women and programming, a dedication to service, and a history of collaboration with ISB Atlanta.

RCM's collaboration with the ISB includes conducting the Straight Talk workshops for youth and parents, an art exhibit, several interfaith efforts, and outreach to law enforcement. Nominators believe RCM is a welcoming place for people of all backgrounds and is committed to diverse leadership. 

“ISB Atlanta felt it was important to appreciate organizations that were successful at outreach, dedicated to service, and committed to inclusivity,” explained Dr. Nabile Safdar. “There were several excellent organizations nominated for the inaugural award, but the Roswell Community Masjid had clearly demonstrated success in all areas being considered.”

Upon accepting the award, RCM’s Board of Trustees Chairman, Dr. Ahmad Hashem says, “We are humbled to receive this first ever community engagement award from ISB-Atlanta. I am honored to accept it on behalf of the dozens if not hundreds of dedicated volunteers who worked hard throughout the years.” He continues, “Our partnership with ISB-Atlanta has always been beneficial to both organizations to promote our shared vision of inclusiveness, outreach, and commitment to service.”

Dr. Safdar adds, “I’m looking forward to seeing which organizations will be nominated next year and hopefully this will lead to some healthy competition in good works.”

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