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Mercer and Aligarh University Professor Exchange Program

Mercer and Aligarh University Professor Exchange Program

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Last spring semester, there was a unique collaboration between two unlikely universities - Atlanta’s Mercer University and Aligarh University, located in India. Two professors, Dr. Lloyd Allen and Dr. Towqueer Alam switched spots for about 3 weeks to educate students.

Dr. Allen traveled to India to teach upcoming imams about Christianity, while his counterpart, Dr. Alam, came to Atlanta to teach upcoming ministers about Islam and different aspects of Jesus and Christianity found in the Quran.

In the times we live in, misunderstandings of the unknown often lead to fear. Therefore, it is often quite refreshing to come across collaborations between different religious groups.

To quote Dr. Lloyd Allen on the experience, “this exchange of theology professors between Mercer and Aligarh is a powerful tool for religious and cultural education between Muslims and Christians.”

Learn more about the exchange program here.

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