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About the Visit a Mosque Day

About the Visit a Mosque Day

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Recently I ran across a Facebook post showing old men spreading bird feed on snow-covered mountaintops in Turkey, reviving an Islamic tradition which ensured the well-being of all living things, including the birds. The tradition was started by Umar Bin Abdul Aziz, may Allah be pleased with him, who allegedly stated “Go and spread seeds on the tops of mountains - may the birds not die of starvation in a Muslim country.” What pride the Muslims had of their country!

How beautiful it would be to foster that sense of responsibility. Actually, if you think of Islam as a curriculum, bearing the responsibility of the well-being of your people is not something extra-curricular. It is something with which every believer has been entrusted. In the Quran and the Authentic Prophetic traditions we have been instructed to care for the elderly, the orphans, the poor, our neighbors, near and far.

In our exceedingly narcissistic society, we have come to neglect our neighbors to the extent we do not even exchange menial pleasantries with them. We don’t even know their names. How did we regress from leaving bird feed in the dead of winter to eluding our neighbors in the liveliest of summers. Regardless of the myriad of answers, it’s indisputable that there is wisdom and benefit in God’s word. That’s why a few members of the Atlanta community decided to launch an initiative called Visit a Mosque Day.

The day and time of the event contains numerical miracles: Date 1/23 and Hours 4 and 5 PM. To combat Islamophobia, just take care of your community, your neighbors. It’s really as easy as 1-2-3. Set up a date, open your doors, and invite everyone you know. Regardless of their religion, their ethnic group, or their background, by virtue of their abode’s proximity to yours, they’re your responsibility. So, invite them to one of several local mosques that are participating. God’s Houses are supposed to be Open Houses, aren’t they?

The time of shirking our duties is over. It’s time to take pride in our responsibilities. Please help us spread the seeds on the snowy mountaintops, so that no one can say they were never invited to their local mosque. For more information on the participating mosques, please visit Visit a Mosque Day Page.

Ibrahim J. Awad is the Interfaith Coordinator at Madina Institute, USA. He is also a Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney. He often gives Know Your Rights presentations at religious and civic organizations. He has given several Friday sermons in and around Atlanta and has also appeared on the Radio discussing Islam and being Muslim in America.


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