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Show, Don't Tell: 8 Days in the Life of an American Muslim

Show, Don't Tell: 8 Days in the Life of an American Muslim

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What are Muslim Americans really up to? Well, it’s one thing to tell you and another thing to show you.

Studies show that the brain makes sense of the information presented to it by constructing visuals from both memory and imagination. But if two-thirds of the American people do not know any Muslims, how do their brains compose visuals about Muslims.

Unfortunately, through the use of impersonal memory and biased imagination.

That is why I decided to make this video, 8 Days in a Muslim-American's Life, which shows that Muslim Americans practice Islam AND remain proud, contributing Americans. This inside look at our lives also clearly debunks claims about Islam and violence by juxtaposing those false narratives with various examples of community, kindness, love, acceptance, service, talent, adventure, and culture.

Here are 8 Days in the Life of an American Muslim. Enjoy!

Sawsan Selim is an Egyptian-American senior at Alpharetta High School. She holds a deep interest in political and social issues, and seeks to dedicate her life to building bridges. Sawsan throws the discus and shot-put for her school’s Track and Field Team. She also participates in various other school activities to break down stereotypes, encourage coexistence, and take ownership of her narrative.

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