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New ISB Speakers Training on March 19

New ISB Speakers Training on March 19

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“Working with the ISB has been a life changing experience for me. It has empowered me with confidence and knowledge about a subject so close to all our hearts.”

“The ISB training reinforced my sense of professionalism, in all that I do, tapping into the Muslim ideal of perfecting one's craft. The ISB embodies that. An authenticity that permeates all that we do."

These were the words shared by two certified speakers with the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta.  ISB speakers tell stories of empowerment, acceptance, outreach, professionalism, opportunity, and building relationships that they wouldn’t have experienced if it weren’t for the ISB.

The Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta (ISB) is a dynamic and trusted resource of information about Islam and American Muslims serving the metro Atlanta area and beyond. The ISB offers many services, including customized presentations, interfaith panels, interfaith and community engagement and much more.  The focus of the ISB is to increase religious competency that leads to better communities and a better world.

The ISB offers a New Speaker Training every year to empower community members with skill set, knowledge, and tips that will enhance not only their public speaking experience, but their professional experience at large.  The training for 2016 is scheduled for March 19th from 9am-2pm at Georgia Institute of Technology.  To reserve your seat, please register using the link below

Individuals who have taken the Islamic Speakers Bureau New Speaker’s Training expressed sentiments of appreciation and gratitude for this impactful local organization, the workshops and trainings that it offers to the community.

According to trainees, the clear message, the punctuality, the valuable content, the consistency, as well as the opportunity to network that the New Speakers Training offers, managed to make it a yearly event not to be missed.  Many of the registered trainees did not wish to become certified speakers with the ISB, but they emphasized that the skill set the training provided them positively impacted their personal and career lives:

“The ISB training has given me skills that seamlessly scale into my professional engagements be it engineering consulting, analysis or university level teaching,” a trainee said.

“I was heckled one time during my presentation, I was told I was a liar.  Had it not been for the ISB training, the techniques and skills I was equipped with, I would never have known how to deal with such a challenging situation,”  another participant said.

Seats are limited, book yours today!


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